Freelance Editor / Shooting Producer

Hello there,

I'm a freelance editor / shooting producer A.K.A a 'Preditor'.  

What is that you might ask?

Well it basically means I'll meet you in a coffee shop (or we can Skype/do a google hangout), talk about your ideas with you and what your video needs to achieve. I'll then supply you with a quote and project outline. If we're both happy then I'll set up the shoot. After everything is in place it's then lights camera action time, which will be followed by an edit, colour grade and an upload to YouTube. I can also supply the film in formats suitable for instagram, facebook and other social networks.

Product / Brand Reel  (password: 'paradise')


How much?

Depending on the time needed to carry out the shoot, I charge between £100 and £150 per day + expenses.

I own my own car and have a full clean UK driving licence so can travel to film locations with equipment (I am also insured for my kit). Petrol/travel is worked out at a rate of 45p per mile. I will include this breakdown in your quote.

Gear: What's Included?

Often I am asked if I own my own equipment and if it's included in the cost, in short the answer is yes, and yes it is!

I am also often asked what I shoot with, so I have put together a brief summary for you:

My primary shooting camera is a Blackmagic 4k Production Camera. This is a high quality video camera capable of recording Compressed CinemaDNG RAW and Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) at high bitrates, resulting in rich cinematic footage that can take on a variety of stylistic 'film looks' in post prouction exceptionally well.

I also own a Manfrotto 501 tripod head with Vanguard legs, allowing for smooth and stable shots.


Get in touch

Give me call on 07584 499 069 or email to chat further or set up a meeting.

Please see below for a selection of different styles and examples of my work:


I own a combination of Sigma & Canon glass (lenses), which are suitable for most shooting situations, however if I feel your project could benefit from a particular specialist lens I will explain the benefits and differentiations to you.

Additionally I own 2 DSLR Video/Photo cameras, GoPros/action cameras, DR100 field sound recorder, Røde Video microphones and a range of mounts. 

Occasionally specialist equipment may cost a little bit more to hire. I do not profit on the additional hire cost, however the video may have a higher production value. This is sometimes advised and necessary depending on the project, however I will talk through your options with you.

 Mike Breach: 'Gravity' Coffee Art

Mike Breach: 'Gravity' Coffee Art


Product Showcase

If you'd like to show off a particular product of yours, a video showcase can be a great way to show your product in situ, and highlight all the unique features in a few seconds. I can either do a classic studio shoot, or shoot on location.

Homepage Showcase Video

A lot of websites have videos that play instantly as part of the background on their Homepage. This can be useful as it can show what your business does in a quick and engaging way.

Event Promo Invitation

Great for social media and creating a buzz around your event. Gets people talking and tagging friends. Wet the appetite of potential guests...

Aerial Video

Aerial shots can add quite the perspective. I collaborate with drone companies, producing, directing and editing the film. These videos work especially well for property videos and large events.

Mini Documentary

People love a good story. Mini documentaries can be a brilliant way to bring your audience closer to your brand whilst sharing your companies values, USP's and character. 


Make a big impact quickly. Perfect for manipulating time and showing lots of work in a matter of seconds. These can often work well before an event on social media as they are interesting to watch and create intrigue around the event. They also do a pretty good job in documenting a production process.

Camera Work / Event Coverage

Sometimes I am asked to shoot coverage from events and supply the raw footage. If you have an event you'd like filming but not editing, please still feel free to get in touch.

Short Form / Social

Quick short form videos for social media is a great way to stand out amongst the noise and create thumb stopping moments...

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are useful tools to explain and promote your services, helping your market understand how useful you are to them.

Fashion / Dance Video

Looking good... 

Live Music Video

From single camera shoots to multi-cam. Having a live performance video can be the best way to get more gigs and get booked for festivals.


I am also occasionally asked if I can do photography. I can do a range of styles to suit your needs, and additionally supply stills from captured footage.